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Pharmacy Benefits Include:

  • Full-service specialty pharmacy
  • Monthly prescription auto-fill available
  • Convenient prescription pickup with minimal wait time
  • Most insurance plans accepted, including Medicaid, Medicare, and CADAP
  • Private and personalized medication consultation available
  • Financial assistance if qualified
  • Aid in completing:
    • Manufacturer patient assistance applications
    • Copay cards
    • Copay assistance foundation
  • Immunizations available

URAC Accredited Specialty Pharmacy

Known as the gold star accreditor, URAC is a rigorous accreditation process that reveals incredibly high standards for quality, accountability, and consumer protection in the healthcare industry. Being URAC accredited means that our pharmacy staff provides a superior healthcare experience.


Pharmacy FAQs

  •  Pharmacy team members keep track of your refills and will contact you 5-7 days before your refill date.

  • Yes, you can leave a message on the pharmacy voicemail with your name and phone number. Someone will call you back the next business day to confirm your order.

  • We take copay cards, and we will help enroll qualified patients in copay card programs. To use a copay card, you must have commercial/private insurance. We also assist qualifying patients enrolling in Copay Assistance and Patient Assistance programs.

  • CCC Pharmacy covers the cost of two day shipping for all of our patients upon request. Have your prescription delivered to your home for free!